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Sonora Clinical Research contracts with Pharmaceutical Companies to conduct quality research providing data that is then used by these Pharmaceutical Companies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assess whether a medication is appropriate for distribution to patients nationwide.

In order to conduct this research, Sonora must contract with local physicians who oversee the conduct of the study. These physicians take on an integral role of being a “Principal Investigator” and are responsible for conducting the trial in compliance with federal regulations.

Sonora facilitates the conduction of the studies by providing qualified staff to manage the clinical trials from start up to close out. This consists of screening qualified patients, conduct study specific testing and carry out data collection and reporting.

Study participants are the key to clinical research. Without research volunteers we would not be able to be part of the advancement of new medications. Patients willing to participate in research often benefit by receiving medication and medical attention they otherwise might not have access to.

Together as a team, the Principal Investigator, the study participant and Sonora provide vital information used to assess the safety and efficacy of new medications that may be used to help patients with various medical conditions. Clinical research is an essential step in developing new medications that would otherwise not become available to the public.

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